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സ്ത്രീകള്‍ എങ്ങിനെ വസ്ത്രം ധരിക്കണം എന്ന് പുരുഷന്‍ നിഷ്ക്കര്‍ഷിക്കുന്നത് ശരിയോ? അല്ലെങ്കില്‍ തിരിച്ചും?

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Saturday, August 31, 2013




1. Mail in deposit – check the remarks given by Postman on deposit mail, arrange delivery of mail by contacting the addressees over phone, if possible.
2. Check whether mail has been date stamped before delivery?
3. Check the quantity of stamping and take appropriate action to improve the quality of stamping.
4. Check whether opening of mail bags is done properly. Check whether unpaid, missent and deliverable mails are segregated properly.
5. Check % of RTS mail. Check % of missent mail and take action to improve the % of RTS and missent. Check that RFD targets are being achieved by the SO (in case of project arrow office)
6. Check the returns from Postman and satisfy yourself that Postman has taken all efforts to deliver the mail.
7. Check whether “Unpaid Taxation Register”, “Bag Opening Register” are maintained properly.
8. Check whether Due Mail and Sorting List is on records and whether it requires any changes?


9. Check whether Memo of Authorized balances is on records and does it require any changes? If so review and get it reissued.
10. Check whether SO is having stock of Postage stamps and stationery as authorized in Consolidated Memo of Authorized Balances?
11. Check whether SO is supplying the stamps and stationery to BOs as per Memo of Authorized Balances and whether any BO is having the stock of stamps less than the authorization. If so, get the supply made by SO immediately.
12. Check whether stock of IPOs is being replenished by the HO as per Memo of IPOs sold. Check whether SO is having stock of IPOs as per authorization.


13. Check whether signature scanning is completed.
14. Check whether stock of NSCs is available at SO as per authorization and SO is having sufficient stock of NSCs of small denominations.
15. Check whether staff on the counter is aware about the target of SO and he/she is making all efforts for opening of new accounts against closed one and issue of certificates against discharged one.
16. Check whether the stock of Passbooks is available with SO commensurate with target allotted to SO.
17. Check what is the ratio for closure to open accounts of the SO. Try to improve the ratio by opening of 4 accounts against each closed account.
18. Check the Minus Balance cases status and take appropriate action.
19. Check the SBCO objection status and take appropriate action.
20. Check the status for data migration from SO to HO.


21. Check the position of targets and achievements of SO for various types of targets.
22. Check whether drill cloth of the stamp pads has been changed and quality of stamping is good.
23. Check whether the current and old record has been kept properly and neatly.
24. Check whether the deposit mail is kept in custody properly.
25. Check the general cleanliness of the SO to see that the SO is in presentable condition.


26. Check whether the SPM and the staff working on computers is having the knowledge about departmental software.
27. All modules are being used by the SO and proper manner.
28. All communications are being done by the SO properly and timely.
29. Whether the stock of items shown in system and actual stock held by the SO are matching. If not, get it rectified.

30. Check whether all PCs and printers are working properly.

Source : IPASP MAH

Monday, July 30, 2012


(CPC QN 26 TO 45)

26.       Which of the following is not a decree

(a)       Rejection of a plaint                          (b)       Dismissal in default
(c)        Both (a) & (b)                         (d)       Neither (a) nor (b)                  Ans:b
27.       Rejection of an application for condonation of delay and consequent dismissal of appeal as time barred is

(a)       A decree                                            (b)       Preliminary decree
(c)        Not a decree                                      (d)       None                                       Ans:c

28.       If an appeal against a preliminary decree succeeds, the final decree

(a)       Can be passed                                 (b)       Can or cannot be passed
(c)        Automatically fails                             (d)       None                                       Ans:c

29.       A decree, when further proceedings have to be taken before the suit can be completely disposed of, is a

(a)       Final decree                                                    (b)    Preliminary decree
(c)        Preliminary decree and partly final decree (d)    None of these   Ans:b

30.       A decree does not include

(a)       Any order of dismissal for default
(b)       Any adjudication from which an appeal lies as an appeal from an order
(c)        Either a. or b.                                       (d)     Both a. and b.            Ans:d

31.       A decree, when an adjudication completely disposes of the suit, is a

(a)       Preliminary decree                           (b)       Final decree
(c)        Partly preliminary and partly final     (d)       None of these                        Ans:b

32.       One of the following is a decree

(a)       An order dismissing a suit for default of appearance
(b)       An order rejecting an application for leave to sue informa pauperis
(c)        An order returning the plaint for presentation to the proper court
(d)       None of these                                                                                                Ans:c
33.       One of the following is a decree

(a)       Any order of dismissal for default
(b)       Any adjudication from which an appeal is lies as appeal from an order
(c)        Rejection of a plaint                          (d)       None of these                        Ans:c
34.       ‘Decree holder’ means
(a)       Any person against whom a decree has been passed
(b)       Any person in whose favour a decree has been passed or an order
capable of execution has been made
(c)        Either a. or b.                         (d) Neither a. nor b.                           Ans:b
35.       The first uniform Code of civil Procedure was enacted in the year

(a)       1908               (b)       1859               (c)        1882               (d)       1872   Ans:b

36.       Decree shall be deemed to include the rejection of a plaint and the determination of any question within Section 144 of C.P.C.-

(a)       Wrong                                                 (b)       Right
(c)        It includes rejection of plaint but does not includes the determination of any
            question within Section 144 of C.P.C
(d)       It includes determination of any question within Section 144 but shall not
            include the rejection of a plaint                                                                    Ans:b
37 The Code of Civil Procedure (Amendment) Act, 2002 came into force on
(a)       1st April, 2002                                               (b)       1st June, 2002
(c)        6th June, 2002                                               (d)       1st July, 2002            Ans:d
38.       The Code of Civil Procedure (Amendment) Act, 1999 as well as the Amendment Act, 2002 were held constitutionally valid in

(a)       T.K. Rangarajan Vs. Govt. of Tamil Nadu
(b)       Selam Bar Association Vs. Union of India
(c)        State of Punjab Vs. Sivaram
(d)       Centre for public interest Vs. Union of India                                               Ans:b
39.       The substantive part contained is

(a)       Sections                                             (b)       Rules
(c)        Orders                                                (d)       None of these.                       Ans:a

40.       The procedural part contained is

(a)       Sections                                             (b)       Rules
(c)        Codes                                                            (d)       None                                      Ans:c
41.       ‘Decree’ has been defined in section ____ of the Civil Procedure Code

(a)       5                                                          (b)       4                     
(c)        3(2)                                                     (d)       2(2)                                         Ans:d
42.       Which of the following Orders deals with commissions?

(a)       O. XXVI                                              (b)       O.XXII
(c)        O.XXIII                                                (d)       O.XXV                                    Ans:a

43.       ‘Public Officer’ is defined in………………..of Code of civil Procedure 1908.

(a)       2(16)                                                   (b)       2(14)
(c)        2(17)                                                   (d)       2(19)                                       Ans:c
44.       CPC include
            a)         51 orders & 158 Sections                b)         101 orders & 511 Section
            c)         35 orders & 488 Sections                d)         None of these                        Ans:a
45.       In a suit under order XXXVII, Rule 2 of CPC the defendant has to put in appearance within
            a)         10 days of service of summon         b)         15 days of service of summon
            c)         30 days of service of summon         d)         None of these                        Ans:c
(Prepared by AB Kantharaja  Kodagu Dn, Karnataka, presently serving in APS