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Sunday, July 31, 2011

കവിത -Veenapoovu - Kumaaranasaan - Part 1


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മംഗ്ലീഷില്‍ ടൈപ്പ് ചെയ്യാന്‍ ഇവിടെ ക്ലിക്ക് ചെയ്യുക.
ചെയ്ത ശേഷം അവ കോപ്പി ചെയ്ത് കമെന്റ് ബോക്സിലോ മെയില്‍ ബോക്സിലോ നിങ്ങള്‍ ആഗ്രഹിക്കുന്ന സ്ഥലത്ത് പോസ്റ്റ്‌ ചെയ്യുക.
മലയാളം കീബോര്‍ഡ് ഭാഗം1
മലയാളം കീബോര്‍ഡ് ഭാഗം2

Back Pain - Health Tips

What does pain tell you? Is all pain the same? Below you can find more information on what pain is. Understanding back pain is the first step towards taking control of back pain.

Pain as a warning signal or not?
If you, accidentally, cut your finger with a knife, you experience pain. This pain signal is triggered in the cells of the tissue in your finger that are being damaged by the sharp knife. Although unpleasant, the pain is actually a useful response from your body since it alerts you that your finger is damaged and you need to take action to prevent further damage and/or ensure recovery from the damage. This is called acute pain. Similarly, when you sprain a muscle in your back, you will feel a sudden jolt of pain. Again this pain signal warns you need to take action in order to recover or prevent further damage.
However, persistent back pain is very different from the above examples. Persistent pain no longer acts as a warning signal and it does not refer to any tissue damage. The warning system goes into overdrive and sends out repeated pain signals, which are not needed or are out of proportion. The pain signals in persistent pain, also called chronic pain, no longer serve a useful purpose. But nevertheless you experience pain and it is virtually impossible to distinguish the useful pain signals from the disruptive pain signals. However knowing that persistent pain is often not a warning signal, means that you can respond differently to the pain. While you may think that rest is best when experiencing pain, for persistent back pain it is actually much better to stay active. Knowing that your pain does not mean that any structures in your back have been seriously damaged can take away some of the concerns you may have about using your back while in pain.

Definition of pain

Pain is not only a physical response; your mind also plays an important role in how you perceive pain. One of the world's leading organisations in the area of pain research (the International Association for the Study of Pain, IASP) has defined pain as: ‘An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage or described in terms of such damage’. In this definition you can see that pain is not only a signal that your body sends out in response to a certain trigger (a sensory experience) but also an emotional experience. In other words, how your mind responds to pain is an important aspect of how you perceive pain.
You may have heard of people overcoming great pain when their mind was focused on something else. This is a great example of how the mind or your emotions can influence your pain experience. Secondly the definition of the IASP also shows that pain could be, but is not necessarily associated with tissue damage. This refers to the difference, explained above, between acute pain and persistent or chronic pain.

Why self help?

The only person that lives with your back pain is yourself. Healthcare professionals and other practitioners can be very helpful in providing treatments and giving information and tips, but these people cannot be at your side 24 hours a day. This is where self-help techniques can play a big role. Many healthcare professionals, practitioners, or products, can help you with applying self help techniques. The list below contains some techniques that you may want to try.
Staying active
The best way of coping with back pain and preventing the pain from getting worse is to stay active. This may sound strange as staying active and moving around when you have back pain may be difficult. However, staying active or perhaps even increasing your levels of activity, prevents your body from de-conditioning. There is no need to start training for a marathon to achieve this, small changes in your daily activities will get you the benefits. Walk to the shops instead of taking the car, go for a swim in the local pool, take a nice long walk in the park, do some stretches when you wake up in the morning. All these simple measures can make a difference to your activity pattern and positively influence your back pain.
Pacing yourself
Back pain often comes and goes; you will have good and bad days. When you are having a good day (or a ‘least bad’ day) you may feel like doing a lot of things, from cleaning the house to doing the weekly shopping, from spending some more time at work to tidying up the garden. You may feel pressured to get all this work done before your pain increases. There is a chance you will over-do it and this may result in your having to take time off to recover from your increased back pain.

To avoid this, you may better off trying to pace yourself. Try to spread your workload over a longer period of time. The chances are that by doing so you can lengthen the time that you can control your pain and have fewer flare-ups.
Prioritising and planning
Be clear about things that you have to do and try to plan them in advance. However, at the same time, allow for some flexibility because other things can get in the way. If you are clear about your priorities for the day, for the week or for the next time period, you will feel much more relaxed once you have achieved them. Planning also links in with pacing; plan your day carefully and try to avoid overdoing it and paying the price.
Set realistic goals
Be realistic about what you can achieve and set yourself a goal. You can set goals for the day, for the week or for a longer period of time. If you are not realistic about what you can achieve, you will get frustrated about not achieving your goals. You may find that when your back pain changes, you have to re-set your goals.
Relaxation techniques
Find ways of relaxing. This may be special relaxation exercises or just finding an activity that you enjoy and allows you to relax, such as reading a book, listening to music, meeting friends, meditation, walking, etc. Everyone needs to unwind once in a while and do not let back pain get in the way of your relaxing moments.
Although some people with back pain may fear exercise, exercise is actually an important element of managing back pain. Regular exercise can decrease pain and discomfort, strengthen muscles and make you feel good. Find some exercises that you enjoy and that you feel are beneficial to you. Your health provider or exercise professional may be able to advise you on what exercise you can try. Remember that you may feel some discomfort after you have been exercising muscles that are unfit or under-used. This should disappear within a day or two and you should feel less discomfort once your body gets used to the exercises.
Pain diary
Back pain often comes and goes and you will have periods of fairly minimum pain and periods of flare-ups. If you maintain a pain diary in which you keep a record of when you experience pain and what you had been doing, you may start to see a pattern. This will allow you to identify activities or circumstances that result in increased pain and you can then find other ways of doing these activities to avoid the pain increases.
Other resources
In addition to the above tips and techniques, you may want to contact your local self-help group, consult with a healthcare professional, or try one of the many products and services available to people with back pain.

Courtesy : Backcare &

Complete Windows Drivers Backup Before Re-installing or Formatting Windows

In computer systems, whatever may be the configuration of the system and whatever may be the version of Windows operating system, we all know that drivers are one of the most important aspects for the system. Drivers are one of the major and key components in Windows systems that allow the operating system and some of the other programs to interact with the hardware. If you are assembling your own computer according to your needs and requirements then you will also need to install many drivers in your machine according to the hardware. Normally, all these hardware parts comes with their own drivers which must be installed. But, what if some day your OS gets corrupt and you need to reinstall it? Then, you will also need look again for all the drivers needed for them.

So, in order to provide a solution for this issue, we recommend you to take a complete backup for all the drivers installed in your system. For this, you can use one small and tiny tool named as Semper Driver Backup. It is basically a nice and it is available as a freeware tool for Windows. It allows you to take a complete backup for all the drivers in Windows and if in future there are any issues with the system then you can easily restore it back using the backup. By using this tool you can see all the installed drivers under Windows in your system.
This smart tool is very useful as it provides an easy-to-use driver backup and re-establishment utility to ensure that if there are any issues with your computer and if window crashes, then you’ll never have to find out these hardware drivers again. If we look into the working of this utility then we may observe that only with a single click it creates a folder on your system which contains every current driver installed on your system. Many systems also contain proprietary drivers that can be hard to track down and thus in that case this utility can prove to be even more useful. Now, once you have created a backup then you can simply reinstall those drivers whenever you need them in future and that with just a single click.

If you want to try out this smart utility then you can simply download it from the below given link. After installing it, you may see that it provides you an interface that allows to backup drivers to and from local systems. This tool starts working by first of all finding the list of all the windows drivers and after that simply backs up these drivers to a separate folder mentioned by the user.
Download Semper Driver Backup

Free Utility to Write Protect your USB Flash Drive

Viruses these days are tend to copy themselves to executable files. The common medium is USB flash drives. It has now become the most common and seen everywhere that a virus is getting transferred from one computer to another. Not all antivirus software are able to detect whenever system detects a new device plugging in.
I still remember there were some old USB drives that used to come with write protect feature, a button that used to make a flash drive read only and nothing could be written or deleted from the drive after plugging in. But unfortunately most of the new flash drives don’t come with such feature, maybe the manufacturers want to cut down the cost?

So, the only way to protect our USB flash drive is enable the write protect through our own PC. With USB Write Protector, you can turn on/off the write protect to a USB flash drive, which puts a drive in read-only mode when it’s connected to a computer.

You won’t be able to delete or create a new file inside the drive unless the write-protect is disabled using USB Write protector.

Clarification regarding giving option for alteration/withdrawal or inclusion of new membership of service associations 2:27 PM Posted by My Tech

Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
(SR Section)
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi-110 001.

No. 18/03/2011-SR Dated the 28th July, 2011
Heads of all Circles.

Subject: Clarification regarding giving option for alteration/withdrawal or inclusion of new membership of service associations/unions in the month of April each year to be made effective from the month of July of that year.

I am directed to refer to the Department's letter no. 13-1/93-SR dated 25.02.1994 circulating Department of Personnel & Training's OM No. 2/10/80-JCA dated 31.01.1994 regarding procedure for verification of membership of associations for the purpose of recognition under CCS(RSA) Rules, 1993. In accordance with instructions contained in said OM, option, if any, for alteration, withdrawal or inclusion of new members is to be given in the month of April each year to DDO or any other designated authority.

2. The Department, vide letter No. 13/01/2010-SR dated 18.02.2010, modified 'letter of authorization' prescribed by the DOPT specifically in order to comply with the directions of the Hon'ble Court of Madras given in Writ Petitions No. 4704-4707 of 1999 and Contempt Petition No. 950/09. The modified 'letter of authorization' was endorsed with signature of Director (SR & Legal) with an objective to rule out the possibility of using the old forms bearing the signature of the employees, as some of the associations had complained about it.The signature of Director (SR & legal) has no relevance in regard to letters of authorization which may be used for change of option or for seeking new membership in the month of April every year.

3. All the 'letter of authorization' whether bearing Director (SR & Legal)'s signature or not, applied during the month of April may be considered as per the standing instructions and in view of the clarification in the preceding paragraph.

(Subhash Chander)
Director (Sr & Legal)

Meghdoot 7.0 - Despatch Error

While doing Day end in Despatch module if error raises likes below.

Please run the attached exl file using script tool after taking Treasury database backup and before day begin in all modules.

Download : TREASURY21082010.exl
With Regards

Help Desk
Center for Excellence in Postal Technology
Postal Training Center Campus
Mysore 570010
Karnataka , India
Ph: +918212449015
Fax: +918212440526

Re-launch of Special Recruitment Drive for filling up backlog reserved vacancies of the Persons with Disability

No 36038/2/2008-Estt (Res)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training

reNorth Block, New Delhi
Dated 28th July 2011


Subject Re-launch of Special Recruitment Drive for filling up backlog reservedvacancies of the Persons with Disability

A Special Recruitment Drive was launched in November 2009 to fill up the backlog reserved vacancies of persons with disabilities as existing on 15. 11 .2009 While launching the Drive. it was stipulated that all the backlog vacancies will be filled by 15.7.2010 It was. however, noted that progress of the Drive till that date was not satisfactory Therefore, the period of the Drive was last extended upto 30th June 2011,

2. On expiry of 30th June. 2011, the Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions reviewed the achievements of the Drive once again and found that a large number of backlog vacancies were still to be filled up Ile desired thatthe Drive should be re-launched to fill up the remaining backlog vacancies by the end of this financial year It has, therefore, been decided to re-launch the Drive to fill up the backlog reserved vacancies of persons with disability which have not been filled up till now

3 All the Ministries/Departments are requested to make concerted efforts to ensure that the remaining backlog reserved vacancies of persons with disabilities are filled up by 31st March 2012 Meanwhile progress report of the Drive as on 30.6.2011 may be sent to this Department immediately so that the Cabinet may he informed of the present status of achievement of the Drive

(Sharad Kumar Srisastava)
Under Secretary to the Govt of India
Telefax 23092110

Source : Persmin

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Meghdoot 7.0 - Treasury -

Problem :

While creating account head in Treasury module one error is showing as mentioned in the attached file.This one is a C class office using meghdoot Version 7.0 and SQL Express Management Studio 2008.

Solution by PTC, Mysore

Downloads (Click Below)

1. SUBACCOUNTS18052011_ Add New Account Head.exl

2. BOSUBACCOUNTS18052011_ Add New Account Head.exl

Run the above attached files with script tool to solve the problem.

With Regards

Help Desk
Center for Excellence in Postal Technology
Postal Training Center Campus
Mysore 570010
Karnataka , India
Ph: +918212449015
Fax: +918212440526

Regulations for Husband and Wife working for Central Government

How a married couple is treated in various Central Government service matters when both Husband and Wife are serving in Central Government?
The need to have a clarity on this subject gains much significance because treatment of them could differ in each law as each one would treat them according to the intention of the particular law.
For example, both are entitled to draw HRA even if they work in the same station, and live together but not provided with Government accommodation.
But when comes to Allotment of Quarters maintained by Government, only one residence will be provided to them except in the case of Judicial separation.
This article is a compilation of regulations in various service matters in respect of Husband and Wife when both are Central Government Employees.

House Building Advance

HBA can be claimed by either of them. As per Rule 2 of HBA Rules, for the purpose of eligibility based on cost-ceiling of the house to be constructed, pay of both of them can be taken in to account. However, for the purpose of calculating the maximum amount of advance eligible under HBA, only the pay of the employee who prefers to avail HBA can be taken in to account.

Medical Attendance Rules

In non-CGHS areas, central government employees are covered by CS(MA) Rules which provide reimbursement of medical expenses incurred by the Central Government Employees. In the case of Both husband and wife working central government, to avoid double claim for same medical expenses, either Husband or Wife is permitted to make claims for self and entire family. The person who prefers to make claims under Medical Attendance Rules should be clearly mentioned in the joint declaration given by Both Husband and Wife in this regard. In the event of promotion, transfer, retirement, etc this declaration can be revised at any time. In the case of wife prefers to avail this concession for the entire family, she can either choose her parents or parents-in-law as dependents and prefer medical claim for them.

Children Education Allowance

As far as reimbursement of payment of tuition fees and hostel fees are concerned, either Husband or Wife can avail the benefit.

Family Planning Allowance

Either Husband or Wife may prefer to receive Family Planning Allowance. Since FPA is based on pay in pay band and grade pay, it will be beneficial if the employee drawing higher pay prefers to receive the same. In that case, there is no condition specified with regard to the employee who undergone family planning.

Leave Travel Concession

1. His wife,
2. His two surviving unmarried children or step children wholly dependent on him,
3. His parents and/or step mother wholly dependent on him, whether or not residing with him and
4. His unmarried minor brothers as well as unmarried, divorced, abandoned, separated from their husbands or widowed sisters residing with and wholly dependent him, provided their parents are either not alive or are themselves wholly dependent on him
5. Her wife,
6. Her two surviving unmarried children or step children wholly dependent on her,
7. Her parents and/or step mother wholly dependent on her, whether or not residing with her and
8. Her unmarried minor brothers as well as unmarried, divorced, abandoned, separated from their husbands or widowed sisters residing with and wholly dependent her, provided their parents are either not alive or are themselves wholly dependent on her
The above mentioned provision relating to family members can be separately declared and LTC for those members can be separately claimed by both Husband and Wife, subject to conditions that children will be eligible for the benefit in one particular block as members of the family of one of the parents only and that if husband or wife avails the facility as a member of the family of the other, he or she is not entitled for claiming the concession for self independently.

Travelling Allowance

Travelling Allowance allowed in the event of transfer of one or both of them simultaneously one of the spouses can prefer the claim and the other will be treated as member of family. In such situations only one lumpsum grant can be claimed.
If a husband or wife is transfered after 60 days of transfer of the spouse, but within 6 months, 50% of transfer grant is admissible. However, if both are entitled for reimbursement of cost of travel by personal car, if required they can travel seperatey and claim both of such travel expenses.

Family Pension

Either Husband or Wife is entitled for family pension in addition to own pay or pension, if the spouse dies.
In the case of demise of such husband /wife also, who was receiving family pension for the demise of his/her spouse, the child / children of the deceased parents should be granted two family pensions subject to certain limits prescribed. Please refer to Rule 54 (11), CCS (Pension) Rules in this regard.

House Rent Allowance

HRA will be paid to both husband and wife even if they work in the same station and did not avail Government Quarters. Even if one of them avails the Government residence in the same station where the other spouse is working, he/she will not be entitled for HRA.

Central Government Health Scheme

While both alongwith their family members will be eligible for medical treatement under CGHS, the spouse drawing higher pay will contribute to the Scheme. The scheme does not cover the Parents of the non-contributing employee.
However, women employees can prefer to include her parents-in-law, instead of her parents, in the family for availing CGHS.
If both Husband and Wife prefer to contribute for CGHS, parents of both will be entitled for medical benefits under CGHS.

Allotment of Residence

For the purpose of allotment of residence status of each of Husband and Wife such as designation, pay/grade pay drawn, service experience etc will be considered independently. In other words, higher status of either of two can be taken into account for priority, higher grade of residence etc. In any case both Husband and wife are entitled for allotment of one residence only except in the event of judicial separation.

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How to claim your Income Tax refun

Have you failed to reporting some tax saving investment to your employer or did you make the investment after submitting your investment declaration to the employer? Then there is a possibility of you being eligible for a tax refund.
"A tax refund could be due to the following: tax deduction at source at a rate higher than the actual tax payable; wrong (ie, higher) estimation of income while computing advance tax liability; not reporting all investments to the employer while the employer deducts taxes on salary; and claim of exemption in tax returns," says Sonu Iyer, tax partner, Ernst & Young.
Most companies require employees to declare at the beginning of the financial year their proposed investments for tax exemptions/deductions. House rent and leave travel allowances are the common exemptions that can be claimed, while interest on housing loan, investments in PPF, NSC, ELSS, life insurance premiums, home loan principal repayment, stamp duty/registration fee, and long-term infrastructure bonds come under common deductions. Other deductions include medical insurance premium (section 80D), interest on education loan (section 80E), maintenance of disabled dependent (section 80DD), etc.
"Some employees fail to make the declaration, while some may give the details but fail to provide the relevant documentary proof within the time frame prescribed by the employer. In either case, employees can claim tax exemptions/deductions only while filing tax returns.

This results in a tax refund," says Vaibhav Sankla executive director, Adroit Tax Services. "The deduction on interest on the housing loan, based on the provisional certificate obtained from the housing finance company/bank during the financial year, is reflected in Form 16. For FY 2010-11, since the rates were on the rise, the final certificate would show a higher amount of interest for those who took loan on a variable rate. This, too, can be a reason for a tax refund claim," Sankla says. In the case of retired individuals/senior citizens, banks deduct income-tax at source if they fail to furnish declaration in Form 15G/15H for non-deduction of tax on their interest income. Further, if PAN is not provided, the deduction rate goes up to 20% from 10%.
For non-residents, banks often deduct taxes at 30.9% (or lower as per India's tax treaty with the country they reside in) on the interest earned by NRO accounts. Even tenants of non-resident landlords deduct income tax at 30.9% on the rent paid. Most nonresidents fall in either the 0% or 10% tax slab as their Indian income is limited. This means, nonresidents often claim refund of the excess tax deducted.
Some individuals pay advance tax on the capital gains they expect during the year. This can be adjusted against any capital loss they may incur later in the year. The amount of capital gain could also be lower due to indexation, deductions u/s 54/54EC/54F, incorrect cost calculation etc.

"Taxpayers should first calculate their final tax liability in accord-inance with the tax slabs applicable to them. If the total tax liability is less than the taxes paid or deducted during the year, they would be eligible for a tax refund," says Vineet Agarwal, director — tax and regulatory services, KPMG. Ensure tax exemptions and/or deductions are mentioned correctly. In the case of a home loan, for instance, ensure the amount on the final certificate from the housing finance company is the same as in the provisional certificate you submitted to the employer.
"For calculating refund, you have to calculate taxes on income after applying the applicable income tax rates. Once you arrive at the total tax payable, deduct all the tax deducted at source and advance taxes and self assessment tax paid (if any). The balance (if negative) is the refund amount," Iyer adds.
The most common reason is incorrect calculation of tax payable by the taxpayer. "Refund can also be rejected if the amount shown as TDS in the returns does not match with the details in the database of the income-tax department," Agarwal of KPMG says. If you have mentioned the PAN or assessment year wrongly, then, unless corrective action is taken, the refund claim will be rejected.
If you filed returns online, visit html to know the refund status. Enter your PAN, select the assessment year and click submit to get the details. You can also send an email to or refunds@i for refund related queries. If you have filed the returns through a chartered accountant, you can check the refund status by contacting the SBI helpdesk or the aaykar sampark. It would be advisable to follow up with the assessing officer of the jurisdiction where the return was filed to get the correct status.
E-filing results in quicker refunds. "Taxpayers should mention the correct bank account number if they want the refund cheque to be deposited in their account. If a taxpayer wants the refund directly credited to the bank account, then he/she should provide the MICR of the bank's branch as well," Sankla says. If you opt to receive the refund by way of cheque, ensure that you mention your permanent address in the tax return form. Else, in case you change the address before receiving the refund, the refund cheque would be returned undelivered to the I-T department. If the cheque is invalid/expired by the time it reaches you, intimate the jurisdictional office and send the cheque back to the refund banker for re-issue.
In cases of e-filing, the refund is received within two to seven months. For offline returns, it often takes anywhere between one and two years. In case you haven't received your tax refund, file an application with the grievance cell or the income-tax ombudsman. "The taxpayer should visit the tax office for follow-up action on the refund and enquire about the reasons for it not being processed. The taxpayer may also approach the assessing officer ('AO') concerned, with necessary documents. However, if no action is taken by the AO, the taxpayer can write to the jurisdictional chief commissioner with copies of the letter/s written to the assessing officer and with a copy of the tax return filed," says Agarwal.

Source: Economic Times

Office and Heart Disease

Despite the vast majority (91%) of employees believing that it is their employer's responsibility to create a healthy working environment, nearly a third (32%) of employees feels their Office actually hinders their ability to lead a healthy lifestyle, according to new independent research commissioned by the World Heart Federation and conducted by Opinion Health.

"The survey results suggest links between specific job sectors and the level of engagement in Office-wellness initiatives, or steps taken towards a heart-healthy lifestyle" explains Dr. Kathryn Taubert, Senior Science Officer, World Heart Federation. "As many of us spend over half of our waking hours at work, the Office is the ideal setting to encourage behaviour changes to minimize a person's risk of cardiovascular disease."

The largest global awareness campaign on heart disease and stroke, initiated by the World Heart Federation. Every year, approximately 17.1 million lives are claimed by the global burden of cardiovascular disease, and yet, most heart disease and stroke is preventable.The World Heart Federation and World Economic Forum are encouraging employers and employees to promote a heart-healthy Office
by adopting office-wellness programs. Such programmes encourage employees to modify their behaviour, by, for example, the promotion of physical activity via gym memberships or cycle to work schemes, or encouraging employees to stop smoking via the adoption of smoke-free Offices or the provision of smoking-cessation programs.

"Apart from having a responsibility towards employees' health, employers stand to benefit from introducing Office-wellness programmes, as they have been shown to decrease absenteeism, while increasing productivity, retention, creativity and innovation" states Olivier Raynaud, Senior Director, Global Health and Health Industries at the World Economic Forum. "During the past decade many businesses have recognized the importance of employee health and have committed to include health promotion as a priority in their corporate agenda."

The survey compares responses from employees across five job sectors in India, Mexico, Poland and Portugal.* The World Heart Federation's employee survey also revealed that of those questioned:

-- Approximately one out of ten (11%) workers do not agree that their employer supports a healthy Office, despite six out of ten employees(63%) rating support of healthy initiatives, and eight out of ten (80%) rating health insurance, as important or very important when choosing an employee