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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Calculate your new pay as per seventh CPC report

After the submission of 899 pages report, everybody is aware of the salient features like minimum or maximum pay, abolition of Grade Pay, revisit of other allowances etc.
But many of the Central Govt. Employees are confused about the actual hike of fitment formula. For the convenience of our viewers the calculation formula is illustrated below.
Step 1
Add pay in the pay band plus Grade Pay in the pre revised scale (6th CPC)
Step 2
Multiply the Old Total Pay (Step 1) with 2.57 (Unique Multiplication Factor)
[Remember to multiply by 2.57 in all cases]

Step 3
Put the result arrived in the previous step in the table above according to old Pay Band and Grade Pay. If the exact value is not available in the respective column, take the next higher value in the column. This ill be the new Basic Pay as per seventh CPC report.
Step 4
Add HRA @ 24% (For X cities) /18% (For Y cities)/8% (For other places)
Step 5
Add Transport Allowances as per the following table
(Find your Pay Level from the chart above based on your old Pay Band and Grade Pay)
This is the new Gross Pay after the 7th CPC Report.
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