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സ്ത്രീകള്‍ എങ്ങിനെ വസ്ത്രം ധരിക്കണം എന്ന് പുരുഷന്‍ നിഷ്ക്കര്‍ഷിക്കുന്നത് ശരിയോ? അല്ലെങ്കില്‍ തിരിച്ചും?

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Download Hall Permit letter for the Post of Postmaster Grade-1 to be held on 03/06/2012

Best Wishes for a Happy & Peaceful Retired Life ..


K.V. Sridharan

A new stage opens
on your life page
retirement day

A Day to say our good bye
to many you were special

The time has come to say good - bye
your time to leave a career behind
time to enter a well deserved rest period
blessing from God Almighty

How time did fly by?
through your long journey
on many roads you have travelled

a Glorious joyous time to remember
in God's Grace and Mercy
well done, well done

Laughter, joy and tears,
you have shared with many
colleagues and friends over the years
beautiful memories will be so dear to all
taking the lessons you have taught us all
through the grace of God in to our hearts
God's blessing you were to us all

Although we are sad to see you leave
many things today will remain
in our hearts and minds
Made a path to walk on smooth
The cadre restructure is a soothe
Even you leave the post we expect a
Lot for us
Enter into your retirement
with joy and happiness
in the hand of God
to bless the green pastures
of your retirement years

Good bye, Good bye 

Best Wishes for a Happy & Peaceful Retired Life ..

with regards
RMS  SA Team

8 Things You Should Never Do in Office

There are lot of people who and a lot of articles/books that will tell you what you must do in office. But there will be very few who tell you what not to do. 
This is where we come in. Every office has its set of dos and don’ts, but then there is also a set of general don’ts that you need to keep in mind. We are here to list these general don’ts for you and we are sure they will help you stay clear of getting embarrassed in office.

1. Peep into someone’s laptop/desktop
The most annoying person in office is the one who peeps into his colleagues laptop screen. Make sure you are not this annoying person. No matter the urge to see what other people are up to, you must save yourself the embarrassment of being labelled the office’s peeping tom.
2. Walk around like you own the place
It is great to be confident, but it is a sin to be cocky. So under no circumstances should you walk around like you own the place. It is advisable to keep your smartness in check and not throw your weight around. Keep it easy going and genuine, and everyone in office will like you instead of bitching about you.
3. Be loud
Oh my GOD!Please don’t be that loud person in office. Keep your voice level in check, do not play loud music and stay clear of all things loud. Loud people annoy colleagues like few other people/things do. Train yourself to talk softly yet be audible.
4. Gossip
We are sure you have heard this one before. It is imperative to stay clear of gossip, but we all know that this is not possible. Every nook and corner of office is full of gossip mongers. What you can do however, is keep your tongue in check. Don’t bitch everyone out to everyone, and don’t allow others to christen you the gossip king.
5. Stealing
Every office goer at some point in time is inclined to steal some office stationery: a pen, a paper, a folder, or a print out. Doing so once in a blue moon is okay, but don’t make a habit of it. Stealing is bad and you will be answerable and payable if you are caught.
6. Lie/Blame others
When you find yourself in a soup or in tough situations you will be inclined to lie or shift the blame of your wrong doing on someone else. If you do this, you are putting not only your reputation at stake but your job too. Always stick to the honesty policy and play fair.
7. Share your personal problems
No one lives an easy life. Everyone has their share of personal problems just as you have yours. It would be naïve to share your personal problems with your work colleagues. We suggest you leave these issues at home and come to office with a clear mind. Remember, your colleagues aren’t your personal agony aunts.
8. Make out
Irrespective of how hot that colleague of yours is, making out in the office is just unpardonable. Making out is an extremely private affair and an office is the least private of places you know. Besides, if somebody catches you in the act, you can bid your job farewell.
This is our list of general don’ts in work environments. Avoid committing these errors and you are sure to stay in the office good books.



76.       Mark the correct option

a)                 In case death of the one depositor of joint account holder , in the MIS account the account will be treated as single from the date of death of the account holder
b)                 The surviving depositor will have withdraw the excess amount over and above the maximum limit of investment by single depositor.
c)                  If this amount is not withdrawn, the excess amount will carry the normal saving bank interest
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d

77.       Present rate of Senior citizens saving scheme account is____ payable quarterly.

            a)         10%                                                    b)         9.3%
            c)         8.5 %                                                  d)         9.5%                                       Ans:b

78.       What is the Minimum and maximum  deposit in Senior citizen saving scheme

            a)         500 & 5 Lac                                       b)         1000 & 10 Lac
            c)         1500 & 15 Lac                                  d)         1000 & 15 Lac                      Ans:d
79.       Mark the correct option relating to Senior citizens saving scheme

a)                 An individual of the Age 60 years or more may open the account
b)                 An individual of the age of 55 years or more but less than 60 years who has retired on superannuation or under VRS can also open account within the one month of receipt the retirement benefits and not exceed the amount of retirement benefits
c)                  The maturity period  is 5 years
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d

80.       A depositor may operate a senior citizen account

a)                 More than one account in individual capacity or jointly with spouse
b)                 Only one account single another one with spouse
c)                  Only one single account and more than one joint account
d)                 None of these                                                                                               Ans:a

81.       Joint account can be opened with

            a)         Father/mother only                          b)         Spouse only
            c)         Any persons                                     d)         Only within relation             Ans:b

82.       Mark the correct option

a)                 No subsequent withdrawal is allowed in SCSS account before expiry of 5 years
b)                 Premature closer is permitted after expiry on one year
c)                  A deduction will be made 1.5% of the deposit in case account close before expiry of 2 year and 1% after expiry of 2 years.
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d

83.       Registration, cancellation or change in the nomination

            a)         Rs 5/- will be charged                     b)         Rs 1/- will be charged
            c)         No fee will be charged                    d)         None of these                       Ans:c

84.       Mark the correct option

a)                 After maturity , the senior citizen account will be extended further 3 year
b)                 The account continued after maturity, the deposit shall earn interest at the rate applicable to the new account opened.
c)                  In case the account not extended on maturity and closed at any time the saving bank interest applicable
d)                 There is no maximum time limit for PMI
e)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:e

85.       Mark the correct option relating to Senior citizen saving account

a)                 Account opening form is Form A & for closing Form E
b)                 Pay in Slip Form D
c)                  Account transfer form is From G
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d

86.       Issue of duplicate pass book of Senior citizen account Rs____ will be charged

            a)         10/-                                                     b)         20/-
            c)         No fee                                                            d)         None of these                       Ans:a

87.       Issue of duplicate pass book of senior citizen account on second time Rs ___ will be charged

            a)         10/-                                                     b)         20/-
            c)         Second time free                             d)         None of these                       Ans:b

88.       Mark the correct option continuation of senior citizen account after death of the depositor

a)                 In case of joint account (Senior citizen) or where spouse is the sole nominee, the spouse may continue the account on the same terms and conditions even if the spouse is below the age of 60 year.
b)                 The account cannot be continued should be closed.
c)                  If both spouses opened joint account, the spouse cannot continue account after death of the 1st depositor
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d

89.       What is the age criteria for joint holder (spouse) in case of joint SCSS account

a)                 Joint holder also to attain 60 years
b)                 No age criteria for join holder
c)                  Should be attain 55 years
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:b

90.       No TDS will be deducted if the amount of interest paid in a financial year does not exceed Rs____

            a)         3500/-                                     b)         5000/-
            c)         1000/-                                     d)         10000/-                                               Ans:d

91.       PPF account can be opened by

a)                 An individual adult can on his own name
b)                 An individual on behalf of minor
c)                  Both the A & B
d)                 None of these                                                                                               Ans:c

92.       What is the  rate of interest in PPF wef 01 Apr 12 ?

a)                 8.8% per annum compounded yearly
b)                 8.5% per annum compounded yearly
c)                  8.6 % per annum compounded yearly
d)                 None of these                                                                                               Ans:a
93.       What is the minimum and maximum limit to deposit in PPF account?

            a)         500 and 5000                                   b)         500 and 70000
            c)         1000 and 100000                             d)         500 and 100000                   Ans:d

94.       Mark the incorrect option relating to PPF account

a)                 An individual can open account with Rs 5/-
b)                 Joint account can be opened in PPF
c)                  Nomination facility is available
d)                 Both the A and B                                                                                         Ans:b

95.       The SCSS account transferred one Post office to another post office

a)                 Rs 5/-  per lac will be charged where the deposit is Rs 1 lac and above
b)                 Rs 10/- per lac will be charged where the deposit is Rs 1 lac and above on second transfer.
c)                  No fee will be charged
d)                 Both  the A and B( The fee will be paid by cash through pay in slip  Ans:d

96.       PPF account can be opened

a)                 only one single                               
b)                 One minor account on behalf of the minor
c)                  A only
d)                 Both the A and B                                                                                         Ans:d

97.       Mark the correct option

a)                 Maximum 12 deposit can be made in a financial year and more than one deposit can be made in one month
b)                 Only one account can be opened in Post office or SBI or any nationalized banks.
c)                  The account can be transferred from one PO to another and PO to State bank or nationalized bank vice versa.
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d

98.       The PPF account can be extended after maturity up to

            a)         Further block five year.                               b)         Further two years
            c)         Cannot be extended                                   d)         None of these           Ans:a

99.       The PPF account

a)                 Cannot be attached any order or decree of court
b)                 Is  totally exempted from income tax
c)                  In the event of the death of the depositor , the amount standing to his credit can be repaid to his nominee or legal heir even before expiry or 15 year
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d

100.    Mark the incorrect option.

a)                 The PPF account is not transferable from one person to another person.
b)                 In the death of the depositor nominee  can be continued the account
c)                  Both the A and B
d)                 Neither A nor B                                                                                            Ans:b 

(Prepared & published by AB Kantharaja, Mobile 08969822340,

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Fixation of enhanced family pension - pre-2006 pensioners / family pensioners - clarification regarding

Fixation of enhanced family pension - pre-2006 pensioners / family pensioners - clarification regarding

To view the complete order, please click here

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, P.G. & Pensions
Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare
3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhavan,
Khan Market, New Delhi
Dated: the 25th May, 2012


Subject: Fixation of enhanced family pension - pre-2006 pensioners / family pensioners -Clarification regarding.

The orders of the Government on implementation of the recommendations of the 6th central Pay Commission were issued by this Department in September, 2008. The family pension in respect of pre-2006 pensioners/family pensioners was consolidated w.e.f. 01.01.06 as provided for in this Department’s O.M. No.38/37/08- P&PW(A), dated 01.9.08 and clarified vide O.M. No. 38/37/08-P&PW(A).Pt.I, dated 03.10.08 and 14.10.08.
2. The fixation of family pension at ordinary rates is subject to the provision that the revised family pension in no case shall be lower than 30% of the minimum of the pay in the pay band plus the grade pay corresponding to the pre-revised pay scale from which the pensioner had retired. In case of HAG and above scales it is 30% of the minimum of the revised pay scale. In the cases of such employees who retired/died on or before 31.12.2005, the family pension at enhanced rates was also required to he revised.

3. It is clarified that the revised enhanced family pension, under sub-rule 3(a) of Rule 54 of the CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972, during the applicable period, shall also be determined as per para 4.1 of O.M. No.38/37/08-P&PW(A), dated 01.9.08. Further, it shall not be less than 50% of the sum of minimum of the pay ¡n the pay band plus the grade pay or 50% of minimum of pay scales in case of HAG and above, corresponding to the pre-revised pay scale in which the pensioner/deceased employee had last worked.
4. In cases where the pension authorized on retirement was less than 50% of the last pay drawn and amount of pension revised after 1.1.2006 is also less than 50% of the sum of minimum of the pay in the pay band plus grade pay or 50% of minimum of revised pay scales in case of HAG and above, the revised enhanced family pension may be less than 50% and shall be restricted to that amount.
5. In the case of a pensioner who died prior to 1.01.2006, the notional revised pension as on 01.01.2006 shall be taken into account for the purpose of calculation as above. in all cases, the amount of revised enhanced family pension shall not be less than 30% of the sum of minimum of the pay in the pay band plus the grade pay or 30% of minimum of pay scales in case of HAG and above.
6. As regards pensioners/family pensioners belonging to the Indian Audit and Accounts Departments, these Orders issue after consultation with the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.
7. This issues with the concurrence of Ministry of Finance. Department of Expenditure vide their U.0. No.253/E.V/2012, dated 26.4.2012.
8. Hindi version will follow.

Cadre Restructuring Committee on 29.05.2012 ( News from aipeup3chq )

 Cadre Restructuring Committee on 29.05.2012

The meeting was  chaired by Dr. Saleem Haque, Chairman of the Committee and DDG (P), Shri Alok Saxena DDG (Tech), Director (Est), ADG (Est) were present on behalf of official side. Com. K. V. Sridharan, Leader Staff side, Com. D. Theagarajan, Secretary General, FNPO, Com. Giriraj Singh, General Secretary, R-III Com. Ishwar Singh Dabas, General Secretary, P4, Com. D. Kishan Rao, General Secretary, P 3, NAPE and T. N. Rahate, General Secretary, General Secretary, P4 FNPO were representing staff side.

The following are the broad understandings reached in the Committee meeting.

1.      Postal Assistant

(i)     The proposal of the Staff side to upgrade 11395 single handed post offices and 6719 Double handed post offices to the status of LSG will be considered.
(ii)   The present Post Masters in 3732 triple handed post offices and also the present LSG to the extent of 6989 will be upgraded to the status of HSG II.
(iii) The present HSG II and HSG I posts to the extent of 3352 Posts will be amalagamated.
(iv)  A separate identification to the extent of 30% of HSG I posts as non functional Group ‘B’ posts with grade pay of Rs. 4800/- will be formed.
(v)    1/3rd of the total LSG, HSG II, HSG I will be carved out as Postmaster Grade-I, Grade-II, and Grade-III respectively.
(vi)  The posts of System Administrators will be made as LSG vice versa.
(vii)   PO & RMS Accountant will be made as a separate channel of promotion by reidentifying the Posts of LSG, HSG-II and HSG I posts.

The RMS, Circle office and SBCO staff will be considered as per the ratio finalised in respect of Postal Assistant cadre.

The Official side accepted the above proposal and assured to consider the above and come out with the final decision shortly. As requested by them a common proposal of the Staff side has been submitted to day itself.

2.      Cadre review for Postman & MTS’
(i)        Since the MTS is the common category for all Central Govt. employees, there is no possibility of bringing them under cadre review.
(ii)      As functional Justification could not be identified for the Postman and also the higher pay granted by the 6th CPC, the official side did not favour any cadre review. However official side came forward with the proposal if the Postman cadre opts out from the MACP scheme and agree to take the percentage wise promotions it will be considered. It requires a deep study and the Postman unions will discuss the issue and come out with the proposals.

The chairman conveyed that the next meeting will be arranged in short notice to finalise the proposals.

3.      March to Parliament
The Federal secretariat endorsed the decision of the Confederation National Executive to organize March to Parliament on 26.7.2012 and one day token strike thereafter.

The Federal Secretariat has fixed the quota target of participation in receipt of our union to the extent of 2000.

All Circle Secretaries are requested to organise the comrades as per the following quota fixed to each circle.

AP                             100                  Kerala                          50
Assam                          25                  M P                            100
Bihar                            50                  Maharashtra                100     
Chhattisgarh                  50                  North East                   25
Delhi                           200                  Orissa                        100
Gujarat                        100                  Punjab                       200
Haryana                       200                  Rajasthan                   200
H P                             100                  Tamilnadu                   100
J & K                            50                   Uttar Pradesh              300
Jharkhand                    100                   Uttarakhand                100
Karnataka                    100                   West Bengal                100

All Circle Secretaries and Divisional Secretaries are requested to book their Journey tickets in advance so as to reach on 26.7.2012 for particiting the rally. NFPE has organized an All India convention on the same day at Delhi on 26.07.2012. Similarly the AIPEU GDS (NFPE) has organized a Massive Dharna before the Parliament demanding departmentalization of GDS on 27.7.2012. The comrades of Delhi Circle desire to arrange a felicitation function to Com. K. V. Sridharan, General Secretary on the eve of his superannuation on 27.07.2012 evening at Delhi. The comrades who desire to participate both the programmes may book the return tickets accordingly.

4.      Associate membership to AIPEU-GDS (NFPE)

The Federal Secretariat held on 21.5.2012 has accorded the status of associate membership to newly formed AIPEU GDS (NFPE). The General Secretary has also requested all the Divisional Secretaries/Circle Secretaries seeking their co-operation in formation of branches at all levels.

Since the fresh verification of membership in GDS cadre is offing and notification for that effect may be issued at any time. It is realiably learnt that the recognition to the office bearers has not been accorded to the AIPEDE union due to the vertical split in the All India Conference and there is every possibility of another Membership verification at any time. It is our prime need to strengthen the organisation which is associated with NFPE and declared to work under the guidance of P3 leadership right from Divisions to All India level.

All Divisional/Circle Secretaries are requested once again to extend full cooperation and unstinted support to the newly formed AIPEU GDS (NFPE).

With greetings,

Comradely yours,

(K. V. Sridharan)
General Secretary
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