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സ്ത്രീകള്‍ എങ്ങിനെ വസ്ത്രം ധരിക്കണം എന്ന് പുരുഷന്‍ നിഷ്ക്കര്‍ഷിക്കുന്നത് ശരിയോ? അല്ലെങ്കില്‍ തിരിച്ചും?

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Saturday, June 04, 2016

NFPE writes to Secy(Posts) on Cadre Restructuring in Department of Posts

National Federation of Postal Employees
1st Floor North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi-110001
Phone: 011.23092771                       Mob :9868819295/9810853981                e-mail:     website:

No. PF-Cadre Restructuring/2016                                             Dated: 03rd June, 2016

            The Secretary,
            Department of Posts,
            Dak Bhawan,
            New Delhi-110 001

Sub: Cadre Restructuring in Department of Posts.

Respected Sir,
            I would like to convey my sincere thanks to the Department of Posts for issuing orders of Cadre Restructuring for PA Cadre in Department of Posts vide No.25-04/2012-PE- dated 27th May, 2016.

            In this connection I would like to draw your kind attention towards the agreement signed  between Postal Administration and Staff Side consisting NFPE and FNPO  under which it was assured  that the same will  be implemented  for all cadres in Department of Posts that i.e. RMS, R-III & R-IV, Mailguard, Mail Men, MMS, Postman, PA CO , PA SBCO , Postal Accounts  and Postmaster Cadre.

            But it is surprising that this has been implemented for Postal Assistant Cadre only in isolation which has created resentment and agitation in the minds of other sections of Department of Posts.

            It is therefore  requested  to kindly bestow your personal attention in this  matter  and  cause appropriate action  to get the  Cadre Restructuring  proposal implemented in all other Cadres  of the Department of Posts  as mentioned  above  as early as possible.

            An early action is highly solicited.
            With regards
Yours faithfully,

(R.N. Parashar)
Secretary General
Copy to : All General secretaries of NFPE Unions

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Finance Minister clears CBEC Cadre restructuring

Finance Minister clears CBEC Cadre restructuring
Chairperson's note regarding implementation of the Cadre restructuring
Implementation of the Cadre Restructuring of the department has been approved by Hon’ble FM on 10.05.2014- Chairperson’s note regarding implementation of the Cadre restructuring
Greetings to the IC&CE family. It is my pleasure to inform you that implementation of the cadre restructuring of the department has been approved by the Hon’ble FM on 10.5.2014. Months of hard work and waiting have finally paid off. The cadre restructuring is late by 7 years, even so there is a cause for happiness as a large number of promotions in different grades can now take place.
However, we have no time to rest as the implementation of the CR requires focus and a lot of hard work.

It is in the interest of the department to have a committed and largely satisfied work force. Stagnation is one of the de-motivating factors in this regard. While CR resolves some of the issues leading to stagnation. it does not address some of the root causes of stagnation. For this we have to take other actions such as amending the RRs, raising the matter before the next Pay Commission etc. Addressing the root of the problem also takes clarity of mind, time, patience and persistence since other Ministries & agencies are involved. It also requires that we remain united at all times. We should be cautious that divisiOns & differences do not derail/side track the process of CR which is in the larger interest of the entire department. Just as a motivated work force is important, credibility of the higher bureaucracy in the department is also equally important and must not be undermined.
Promotions to Group B gazetted and lower posts are to be done by the CCA’s. I hope that ACRs/rosters and vigilance clearances etc. are up to date. I urge all officers, staff and associations of the department to be united and face the challenges of implementation with patience, persistence and a spirit of cooperation. I again thank all of you for your support in carrying through this important work.
(J.M.Shanti sundharam)
Source :

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Department of Posts Cadre restructuring agreement signed by Unions

                        CENTRAL HEAD QUARTERS, NEWDELHI


                 At last after several round of protracted negotiations with the administration, JCM Staff side, Departmental council ( NFPE & FNPO) has signed the cadre restructuring proposal. The staff side has tried to the best of its ability to make maximum improvement in the proposal. In spite of our hard bargaining we could not achieve 100 percent success. Our demand for separate higher pay scale for PO& RMS Accountants, Creation of separate cadre for System Administrators or grant of special pay/allowance, bringing MTS also under cadre restructuring etc is not accepted by the administration. Regarding Postmaster Cadre after much bargaining, it is agreed to examine our claim for higher pay scale after the present proposal is approved by the government.

                  As Govt has already appointed 7th CPC and the Pay Commission has already published the questionnaire, any further delay in completing the cadre restructuring will adversely affect the interest of Postal employees. We will take up the remaining issues, which are not agreed by the administration in the cadre restructuring committee with the 7thCPC in our memorandum and make one more effort to get a favourable recommendation.

                  Taking into consideration all the above aspects and also keeping in mind the larger interest of the employees, we have decided to sign the agreement

Copy of the agreement is published below.

The Salient features of the agreement are as follows :
1. Number of LSG posts will increase from 8 % to 22 %
2. Number of HSG II  posts will increase from 2 % to 12 %
3. Number of HSG I  posts will increase from 1.5 % to 4 %
4. After completion of 2 years in HSG I the official will be promoted to 4800 GP (Non-functional Basis)
5. The above proposal will be applicable to RMS, Circle Office and SBCO in the same ratio
6. Postman/Mail guard will get the same ratio of promotion.

  The present proposal is to be approved by Postal Board, DoPT & Finance Ministry. We will make all out effort to get the proposal implemented at an early date.

                                                                        Yours sincerely
    D.Theagarajan                                                                               M.Krishnan
  Secretary General                                                                  Secretary General
         FNPO                                                                                              NFPE

Monday, February 10, 2014

Cadre restructuring Committee Meeting - Proposals arrived

The cadre restructuring committee meetings were held on 04-02-14 and 05-02-14 and Department mooted the following final proposals.

1.The C& B class offices will be placed in the in the LSG with Grade Pay of Rs 2800

2.The offices in Tripple hand and LSG will be placed in the grade pay of Rs 4200

3.The HSG-II Postmasters and Sub postmasters will be placed in the Grade pay of Rs 4600

4.After carving out the proposal the HSG-II will be placed in the Grade pay of Rs 4800 after 4 years 
based on the percentage in the postal side the same ratio and percentage will be maintained in RMS/Admn./SBCO etc.

The demand of the postal class -III General Secretaries is that the APM and APM Accountant posts are to be upgraded and the percentage should be arrived. Staff side will submit revised proposals on it. Final agreement is yet to be arrived on these proposals.